In the fourth chapter of DevLog, Kieran talks about his plans for TRAINLINES REMASTERED including the housing system that has been talked about since DevLog 2.

A lot has been going on behind the scenes. Trainlines V5 wasn't going the way I had hoped so I put it to a vote which led to the Trainlines V5 project being scrapped. Instead, TRAINLINES REMASTERED will be the next full version of Trainlines.

Trainlines V5 was released in its current development state since it would have just been a complete waste of time to leave it private. It was extremely buggy and it's probably for the best to steer clear of it.

Development of the remastered project is going well.

Here's a handy link to the REMASTERED roadmap:

We hope to include a heavily realism focused career mode that should allow players to have a more advanced simulation including DRA, DSD and neutral sections. Another feature is the ability to be a taxi driver to make a bit extra money. This marks a transition towards making Trainlines more of a train focused job simulator.