In the third chapter of DevLog, Kieran talks about some key features of the TRAINLINES V5 project and releases some sneak previews of work that has been going on behind the scenes.

We're starting off this DevLog with a reminder than the limited edition S7 liveries will be going off-sale soon. The price has been increased slightly for the final bit of time they are on sale. The current plan is for it to go off-sale on release of V5 but this is subject to change depending on the timescale of the V5 release.

V5 brings with it a number of changes for TRAINLINES. It has been pointed out multiple times already but V5 will be making use of the built-in terrain tools from Roblox. This move might have a knock-on effect on game performance but the goal is to 'remain ahead of the curve' in hopes that Roblox will continue to expand and develop the terrain system so that it is not only easier to use but also better for performance overall.

The real challenge with the terrain for us will probably be cities. We have a few tricks that we plan to employ to make city building on the terrain a bit easier but these methods haven't been tested yet. This update is also activating the signalling system that was originally made for TRAINLINES V4. The system that was in development for V5 has been cancelled owing to it using too many resources and impacting on performance.

Another well documented change in V5 is the ability to change ends on the trains. This is expected to cause some issues at launch but we're working the iron it out as much as possible. The lights changing ends should work fine but I expect to have some issues with the new sensor system getting confused which end is which.

As mentioned, there is a new sensor system. This will only really be noticable to the player when they pass a speed limit. The new system will update right away if the new limit is lower than the previous limit. The system will not update until the back of your train passes the speed limit if the new limit is higher than the previous limit.