In the second chapter of DevLog, Kieran talks about the future of TRAINLINES and a potential housing system.

First off, be ready for the limited edition S7 Stock liveries to release. They will only be available to buy for a short time and you will keep them once they go off-sale.

It has become pretty well known that a very small number of players, literally about 4, have access to a house in Trainlines. This is part of the very basic testing phase of a house system for TRAINLINES. These people have been added by name to a list that gives them access to the system meaning there is still a lot of work to be done before people can start to select their own homes within the game. The first thing I want to do is get a basic housing system ready - the plan is for it to allow everyone to walk up to a house and select is as their own (presuming no one else has already selected it). The house would be free and you would keep the house until you disconnect. Theres the possibility that this could be all that the housing system does since there really isn't much need for a more complex house system in a game like TRAINLINES.

Once you have a house you get access to a housing UI which lets you lock/unlock the doors and use any special features the house has (eg. some of the testing houses have privacy glass that can be turned on and off). In the future we might also see a customisation screen for the houses but that's a long way off.