In the first chapter of DevLog, Kieran talks about some of the changes in the upcoming update - specifically those regarding the sub-surface lines.

In this exclusive article, I can confirm that the S7 Stock will be available upon release of the upcoming Trainlines update. The update still has a long way to go and this first release will only be the bare bones of the work being done. Some of the future content planned for the "Sub-Surface Lines" updates includes other routes instead of just the 1 line and additional stock. On top of all this, there is also "Going Deeper" updates planned which will add Deep Level tube lines to the game. During these updates it is expected that the High Speed line will finally expand into the Trainlines "International" Tunnel. As you are probably aware, the Eurostar has been a delayed update for a long time so this will surely excite some fans of the trains.

In the future I'm also planning on adding some kind of system for exclusive items that can only be unlocked through codes. Different codes would be available on different platforms - eg. Discord, Twitter, and here on the website.

Outside of Trainlines I've been working on a racing manager strategy game. It's on hold because as soon as I finished the menu I realised I had no clue how I was going to script the AI race drivers. Guess I should have thought that through or, at the very least, written it down.